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Note Taking Systems

Note Sheets for Handwritten Notes is a method for taking notes, similar to note cards.

Note Sheets for Digital Note-taking is a method for taking notes digitally that looks like the above mentioned "Note Sheets for Digital Note-taking, but for use on the computer.

PowerPoint Note-taking System is a method by which students can take digital notes. This system can be uploaded to their  Google Drive and then converted to Google Slides.

Cornell Notes is a note taking method that can be used if you are listing to an audio clip or conducting an interview, or watching a video. It is a way to organize what you hear so you can go back and add it to your research information later.


Watch MLA Annotated Bibliography for an overview of how to create a bibliography in MLA format that includes information about annotations

You may view the screencast, How to Create a Work Cited Page for more information on how to do a basic works cited page.


Once you have your book you will have to create a citation. You can find this on the title page of your book. You can use this information to complete your citation. You can use a citation generator like  Easybib or World Book Citation Builder. Please link to World Book Citation Builder Tutorial for instructions on how to use this resource.

Primary and Secondary Sources


World Book Online is our online encyclopedia. If you want an overview of how to use this resource, watch World Book Student Online Video Tutorial, for assistance in using this resource. You can find your citation at the bottom of the article, so if you would like to copy and paste it, select it in its MLA form and paste it onto a document for saving.  

Journal or Newspaper Article

Journal/magazine/newspaper articles about your topic can be found by using SIRS Discoverer. See SIRS Discoverer 2 Minute Video for a quick overview of this resource. To site an article found through this database, scroll down to the bottom of the article and copy the MLA citation. Paste it on a document for saving.  If your SIRS resource is something other than a Journal or Newspaper Article, please see SIRS Citation Guidelines.


One place to start to look for images is World Book Online.Please view Advanced Search for Specific Resources on World Book Online, for help in searching this resource for images, videos, and recordings. You can find out how to create citations for your images by reading Citing Online Images. You can also use Easybib to create this citation. Look under "All 59 Options".