2016 - 2017

Richland School District participates in the National School Lunch Program. Breakfasts and lunches are served each school day.
Parents are encouraged to complete a lunch application for their children. Completed applications are to be turned in to the District Office Cafeteria Department (300 N. Valley). Applications will be reviewed for qualifying status of free, reduced, or paid meals.
Prices for meals are:
Breakfast - No Charge
                Paid                                   Reduced Priced
    K-8      $2.00 ($10.00 weekly)          $ .40 ($2.00 weekly)
Milk         $ .35   
Payments are required in advance. Children are required to bring money to school in the morning. The money is credited to the student's account. No cash is collected during meal times. The student uses a ticket. When the ticket is swiped, the amount is deducted electronically.
Students have lunch card numbers. Parents are asked to instruct their child to not share the number with friends.




Application (English) 2016-2017.pdf

Application (Spanish) 2016-2017.pdf




Breakfast in the classroom.pdf

Desayuno en el salon.pdf

Grab & Go Breakfast

Kern County Grand Jury Food Services Program Visit 11-5-15.pdf







April 2017.pdf

Supper April 2017.pdf


May-June 2017.pdf

Supper May-June 2017.pdf


Summer 2017.pdf




In Class Pizza Request 2016-2017.xlsx

Snack Request 2016-2017.xlsx

General Catering 2016-2017.xlsx

Simplified Catering Request 2016-2017.xlsx



Questions regarding cafeteria, please call:

Si tiene preguntas, por favor de llamar a:

Perla     (661) 746-8628

Aurora   (661) 746-8643

Lisa       (661) 746-8640


We don't accept bills larger than $50.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.


No se aceptan billetes mayores de $50

Lo siento por el incoveniente que esto puede causar le.