Trustee Area Voting

The Richland School District Board of Trustees has implemented a "By-Trustee Area" system of electing School Board Members. The key documents are provided below. If there are any questions please call the Richland School District Office at (661) 746-8600.


Resolution 2010-20 To Study the Issue of a By-Trustee Area System

Resolution 2012-08 To Specify the Criteria for Drawing Trustee Areas

Resolution 2012-10 Resolution Adopting the Plan for a By-Trustee Area Election System

Resolution 2012-13 Submission of a Waiver Request to the State Board of Education

Trustee Area Map B (Adopted)

Trustee Area Map B - Enlarged (adopted)

Detailed Trustee Area Map 1

Detailed Trustee Area Map 2

Detailed Trustee Area Map 3

Detailed Trustee Area Map 4


Current Trustee Area Incumbents:

Trustee Area 1: Tammy Rubio Criswell

Trustee Area 2: Steve Mann

Trustee Area 3: Deanna Rodriguez-Root

Trustee Area 4: Cain Maldonado

Trustee Area 5: Tony Aguirre