Staff Resources

Digital Resources for Research and Close Reading

Link here to find out about the Digital Resources for Close Reading and Student Research that are available through RSD.

New Teacher Library Newsletter

If you are a new teacher, we in the library would like to welcome you. We look forward to working together with you to meet the needs of your students. As a way of introduction to Library Staff and what we can offer you, please read the RSD School Library Newsletter for New Teachers.  

Library Online Resources

OPAC: To search for a book in your school's library, select Library Catalog (OPAC) and then find your school. Select the "catalog" tab and then conduct your search. Please select from the following screen casts for further information on how to use the OPAC for specific purposes. If a dialog box comes up choose "select a program from a list" and then click on Internet Explorer.

  • Screen Cast on How to Conduct a Basic Search
  • Screen Cast on How to Conduct an OPAC Power Search that will yield more specific results. For example, you can limit your search to informational or nonfiction text on a given topic.
  • Screen Cast on How to Find Out What is Checked Out in Your Name . This is especially helpful at the end of the year, when you will be asked to varify what is checked out in your name before you can sign out for the summer.

Ebooks and Audiobooks: You can also access ebooks and audiobooks from any internet connected device. Search your library OPAC to find out what is available by following these English or Spanish instructions.

World Book Online: Link to Worldbook Online, our online encyclopedia. From there choose a version that suits your needs. If you are at home you will need the login information. You can get this from your school's library assistant.

AR BookFinder: Link to AR BookFinder to find out if a book has an Accelerated Reader Quiz. Link to How to Use AR BookFinder for a tutorial on how to use this web based tool.

Library Schedules and Calendar for 2015-2016 School Year

Teacher Resource Box Lists for Treasures K-8

Teacher Math and Science Resources

Science and math resources are available for  checkout district-wide from the Math and Science Resource Room housed in the Sequoia Library. Examples of items include scientific models, balances and scales, math manipulatives, games, flashcards, microscopes and slides. You can search for these items through the online catalog and then make a request through your library assistant, or you can schedule an appointment with the Sequoia library assistant Letty (8747) to see what is available for your use. You can also look at a list of the types of items in each room by linking to Teacher Math Resources, and Teacher Science Resources