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Self-paced Research Tutorial

Welcome to Richland School District Self-paced Research Tutorial

This tutorial is has been developed for you by Angelica Martinez (8th Grade Language Arts Teacher at Richland Junior High) and Connie Koop (Richland School District Teacher Librarian). As you move through the days, you will put together an e-Portfolio using Google Sites. This e-Portfolio will result in a research project that you can use with your students. We encourage you to take time and explore the many ways that you can meet the research-related Common Core State Standards while tapping into the benefits of 21st Century Learning. This is part of Professional Development, so when you have completed your project, please _____________________ and you will receive pay for ______ hours of work.

There are ____ "Days" for you to complete, each one providing information and structure for creating a research project. This Professional Development tutorial is full of links that take you to each "day's" specific lesson.

Day 1

Explore the Super3 or the Big6.



Decide which Research Model best fits your interest in developing a research project.

Day 2

Create an e-portfolio using Google Sites. You can access this through a gmail account. If you do not have a gmail account you will have to create one. Watch How to Create a Gmail or Google account if you don't know how to do this.  You will have to _____________.

Watch the following screencast Creating an E-Portfolio in Google Sites. Change the naming to ______.

Day 3


Final Day

Share your e-Portfolio with _____ at ________ for verification of completion of the project.


There are many places for you to explore, experiment with, and think about creative ways to use this in your library or to collaborate with classroom teachers. There is no deadline and this course will remain online through the 2011-2012 school year. If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join. [Note: Are you a classroom teacher? Check out Classroom Learning 2.0.]


A familiar research model used in the Richland School District is the Super3 or Big6 Research Model. If you are a K-3 teacher you may want to adopt the Big3 model. If you are a 4-8 grade teacher then the Big6 should work well for you. Link here to sites that


Big 6, Familiar Research Model within the Richland School District.

1. Task Definition
1.1 Define the information problem
1.2 Identify information needed (to solve the information problem)
o What is my current task?
o What are some topics or questions I need to answer?
o What information will I need?

What are the components of a great research project?

Connecting to Prior Knowledge

Developing Questions

Identifying and Navigating Resources

Taking Notes

Sorting and Sequencing Notes to Synthesize and find meaning

Creating a product to communicate what has been learned

Evaluating/Assessing the process and Product


Big6 Super3 Research model Wiki

Research to Build and Present Knowledge from CCSS ELA

Research Models:

SIRS Discoverer vs. Google

World Book Online

SIRS Discoverer

The 21st Century Educator: Embracing Web 2.0 In Your Professional Practice

PowerPoint Note-taking System

Digital Note Taking Sheets

Note Taking Sheets,

Cornell Note-taking System (possible format when watching a video, conducting an interview, listening to a lecture) Cornell Notes Video, Cornell Note-taking System Worksheet, Cornell Note-taking System Digital Worksheet

Advanced Search for Specific types of Resources on World Book Online

Website Evaluation Rubric

Digital Citizenship

Citation Information

Model School Library Standards

Web 2.0 for the Under 13s Crowd

Color Coding Anchor Standards for comparing, vocabulary, media, research, evidence and organization